Who is the ASC looking for?

When reflecting on the personnel of AU Peace Support Operations, most people think of soldiers and police officers but recently, there has been an increase in the demand for civilian expertise. Just imagine, who can give legal advice to a national or regional government of a country emerging from conflict? Who can help to organize free and fair elections? Who can contribute to running a Peace Support Operation as Human Resource or Finance Officer? It is civilian experts who will fill these needs and bring along years of experience in their fields of specialization.

Please find below the selection criteria that apply for all applicants for admission to the African Standby Capacity. These criteria constitute the minimum requirements for an entry level position in a field assignment. Candidates who do not meet all minimum selection criteria should consider applying at a later stage, when they meet or exceed all criteria.


Minimum Selection Criteria

In addition to the Minimum Selection Criteria, applicants to the ASC will undergo further screening through an interview and reference checks. This can be considered as a second level screening once minimum conditions have been met.