Minimum Selection Criteria

The following selection standards and criteria apply for all applicants for admission to the ASC, regardless of whether admission follows an individual application or a Member State nomination. These standards and criteria constitute the minimum requirements for an entry level position in a field assignment. Applicants exceeding these standards and criteria are likely to fill higher grade level positions in field operations. Candidates who do not meet all minimum standards should consider application at a later time, when all standards and criteria are met or exceeded.

In addition to the Minimum Selection Criteria, applicants to the ASC will undergo further screening through an interview and reference checks. This can be considered as a second level screening once minimum conditions have been met.

ASC Generic Job Profiles

The ASC combines a variety of job profiles, which are most relevant for deployments undertaken by the African Union Commission and regional organisations, such as multi-dimensional Peace Support Operations (PSOs) in the framework of the African Standby Force (ASF), Mediation Missions and Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) Assignments, among others.

More information on the applicable job profiles can be foundĀ here