Your Steps towards Registration on the ASC Roster

Step One: Verify that you meet all five minimum selection criteria. You can access the criteria here.

Step Two: Email your regional Focal Point to express interest. S/he will direct you to the ASCdatabase. Please find your contact here.

Step Three: Register on the ASCdatabase and ceate a personal profile in the using the link that your regional Focal Point sent you.

Step Four: Complete your database profile filling in all mandatory fields. The system will then ask you to release your profile. Your application will now be visible to your regional Focal Point.
Step Five: We kindly ask for your patience. Your profile will now be screened by the regional focal point. You will receive feedback as soon as possible.


Kindly consult the Manual for Applicants and Roster Members should you have questions concerning the registration process for the African Standby Capacity.

What Next?