Training Opportunities

Roster Members of the ASC receive compulsory foundation training which provides orientation on basic and foundational AU PSO issues as well as a variety of specialization courses to equip rostered personnel and experts with the required skills to perform their expected roles and functions within African Union PSO and to effectively contribute to mandate implementation when deployed.

African Standby Capacity Civilian Foundation Course (ASC CFC)

Mandatory introductory training for roster members that familiarises participants with fundamentals of AU PSO.

Protection of Civilians (Training of Trainers)

Specialised training for the AUC to create a pool of resource persons to deliver future training on Protection of Civilians as well as disseminate Standardized POC Training Curricula in the regions.

Gender Mainstreaming Training for Roster Civilian Personnel in AU PSO

Specialized training to enhance the knowledge, skills and capacities of participants in integrating gender perspectives into ASC rostering processes. Course participants are ASC Rostering Officers/Focal Persons at the Continental level and Regions/Member States and Human Resource Officers focal points for ASC.

Integrating Gender Perspective in Peacebuilding Trainings (Training of Trainers)
  • A training to enable trainers and experts to successfully integrate gender into their courses, modules, or presentations on relevant for topics for peacekeeping or peacebuilding. This course is relevant for someone working in a training unit.
Post Conflict Reconstruction and Stabilization Course

Course participants are mid-career professionals (diplomats, civil administrators, magistrates, law enforcement officers, military experts, monitors, aid workers, emergency response workers or other experts at national level in their respective areas of competence). The course’s activities are designed to create an interactive environment for the participants, with a focus on practical experiences and lessons learnt.

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