ASC Generic Job Profiles


Peace Support Operations (PSOs) / African Standby Force (ASF)

For the civilian dimension of multi-dimensional PSOs the following 16 generic job profiles are most relevant, which comprise a number of substantive areas as well as mission support functions. The generic job profiles refer only to the entry level, i.e. P2 grade. All qualifications, expertise, years of experience or competencies exceeding the level mentioned in the generic job profiles are highly welcome.

Substantive Areas


Mission Administration / Mission Support


AU Mediation and PCRD

For Mediation missions and support teams as well as PCRD assessment missions there are a number of relevant job categories and profiles.
The PCRD staffing requirements are aligned to six PCRD constitutive elements.

PCRD constitutive elements
  • Security
  • Humanitarian/Emergency Assistance
  • Political Governance and Transition
  • Socio-economic Reconstruction and Development
  • Human Rights, Justice and Reconciliation
  • Women and Gender

The staffing requirements for Mediation missions and support teams are as follows:

Staffing Requirements for Mediation
  • Lead Mediator
  • Senior Analyst
  • Chief of Staff
  • Mediation Process Expert
  • Public information officer
  • Mediation process/ Thematic Expert(s) in the fields of:
    • Political Governance and Transition
    • Economic
    • Governance
    • Women and Gender
    • Human Rights
    • Security
    • Rule of Law
    • Elections
    • Transitional Justice

Other areas of rapid deployment

The ASC can be used for additional areas of engagement of the AU Commission and regional organizations, which require rapid deployment.